Launching the project 

The project started on 1/11/2021 and in co-operation with In co-operation with colleagues from   Latvia, Greece, Portugal, Estonia, Spain and  Italy we  will develop tools, promoting  key competencies in order to empower students to become active citizens designing environmentally sustainable solutions.

Please see our first newsletter here: NATURE_Newsletter1_EN.pdf

Working on first visual and technical characteristics of 3D game creation.

Project meeting in Volos, Greece took place on 2nd of June, 2022 where actualities on development of the Result 1 ''An active game-based methodological learning framework for capacity building in natural resources management' 'were  discussed  and first insights in the serious game maps were given. 

Project second year activities 

Project is getting closer to its results. More information at our newsletter NATURE_Newsletter_2_EN-3.pdf

Undertaking the development of Result 1 


In order to achieve this result,  in the previous project period the project partners, led by researchers from the Latvian Cultural College, conducted research on the above-mentioned issues,  involving 164 institutions and companies of various levels.

As a result  'An active, game-based methodological learning framework for capacity building in natural resources management ' was created.

Testing of NATURE serious game 

In its final phase   the serious game for natural resource management NATURE  is being tested in all project countries

Please see more about our current project developments in our project newsletter NATURE_Newsletter_3_EN.pdf

 Project final conference will take place in Latvia Cultural college 10th October, 2023

The agenda: Agenda.pdf

Project final conference and partner meeting

The project NATURE Conference took place in 10th of October, 2023 and brought together the assembly of researchers, students, trainers and other stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on perspectives of using of serious games in naturals resources management. The event showcased research on role and specifics of serious game in education and innovative solution- the 3D game with a particular focus on sustainability, responsible project management and biodiversity conservation. We hope that the lessons learned and the connections made at this conference will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a more sustainable and harmonious future. The journey to address climate change, protect biodiversity, and promote sustainability is ongoing, and events like this conference remind us that by working together, we can make a difference.

Please see our 4th project newsletter here: NATURE_Newsletter_4_EN.pdf

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